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Miami Wedding DJ Price - Part of the problem with pinning down what a Miami Wedding DJ price is, that nobody knows what an established base price is. Online search does very little to find the
price of a wedding DJ in Miami. It seems that classified advertisement websites
are the worse place to look for a price. You have DJ Yellow Pages
for play (First ones on the top of Google Searches with many DJ's). Some DJ
websites advertise their price like car sales sites...when you call on them you get
"Oh you wanted wheels with that car?"
Welcome to the $60 billion wedding industry.
Sorry we didn't mean to scare you. LOL!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!!

This is one of the reasons we are busy year round. We tell it like it is.
For instance, you probably landed here through a Google search and it's impossible
for us to give a price online. A professional DJ will have too many variables to consider
when pricing a wedding. Experienced DJ's will not publish a one price fits all weddings.
Consider the following; Miami seems to have a million and one venues for weddings.
Each of these wedding venues presents a different challenge and requires different
resources. Some wedding venues require a DJ to start setting up four hours before
the actual event. You may want the DJ to provide only music or MC and Music.
These and many other matters will impact the price. For instance, we provide full service.
DJ, MC, Uplighting, Monograms, Ceremony Sound System, Cocktail Hour
Sound System, Hora Loca, Karaoke, LED Robots, Photo Booth, etc.

How to get the best Miami Wedding DJ Price?

First, start by being realistic and writing down your budget for a DJ. The next
thing to consider is what type of wedding are you having. Is your wedding an over
the top wedding with all the bells and whistles? A middle of the road
wedding or an intimate wedding? Know exactly what your venue is providing and what
the DJ is expected to provide.
Once you establish the above you are no longer researching for a Miami Wedding DJ Price.  
Now your research will be for the personal values that a DJ brings to make your event
unique...experienced wedding DJ's turn your vision into a reality.
From this page you have probably come to a couple of conclusions. We have many
years of experience in the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale area doing weddings. We can
provide you with affordable prices from an intimate wedding to a large
wedding event.  Affordable, not cheap. Our equipment, presentation, music mixes,
microphone delivery are all state of the art and totally professional.
We guarantee to do our best to provide you with the most services within your budget.
Once a price is agreed upon, in essence we become your
second wedding planner. We meet with you and any person you involve in planning
all the details of your wedding...most of the time we create the
Wedding Timeline from this meeting (believe it or not many wedding planners
do not have the experience to create a proper time line). We provide you with
forms to fill that will provide all the information that most of the vendors need.
We take many things off of your plate in a concise and professional manner that will
lessen stress for you. We also meet with the venue representative to inspect
all aspects of the event site. From this meeting, we ascertain the type of equipment
needed for your wedding and that it is properly placed in the venue floor plan.
Miami Wedding DJ prices are all over the place...we are not cheap, we are
affordable and provide the most value for your wedding budget. 786.426.9249

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